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As an intermediate, you are beginning to make consistent contact with the ball. Your irons are more accurate and going the expected distances so you are hitting more greens (3-6 per round). Your club head speed is going up, along with more consistent center of the face contact, so you're starting to get more distance with all your clubs.

You still need help around the greens but now you know how to hit down on the ball so you can begin to try some additional wedges. You'd also like more options from 100 yards and in. You realize that your short game is where you can take a lot of strokes off your score.

Your drives are still inconsistent. Your distance could be better but accuracy may still be more of a problem. That great round is often ruined by those 2 or 3 drives into big trouble.

You still don't hit those long irons very well (maybe you never will) but given a good lie you can crank that 5 iron out there every once in a while. You'd like more distance and consistency for those longer approach shots (180-220 yards). Those long par 4s are still hard to reach.

You still fight that slice but now it's often more of a fade. Sometimes when you really get through the ball it can even move right to left - a wee draw. You're starting to feel like you know where the ball is going.

The Ideal Set

The ideal set for the intermediate golfer would start with Game Improvement irons. You still need forgiveness but you'd also like a little more feel and control. If you tend to hit your irons well you might be ready to consider a regular 4 iron otherwise stay with your hybrid 4.

For your distance clubs add a little less loft on those fairway woods and hybrids to maximize distance. You might be ready to drop your 5 hybrid and replace it with a 3 hybrid.

Your driver is still oversized with about 10-12 degrees of loft to maximize distance and accuracy. Shaft selections may be the most important component. You want a shaft that matches your swing speed and ball flight requirements. Perhaps a draw bias to help get the drive moving a little more right to left.

Your wedges can be reconfigured. A gap wedge or a lob wedge are possibly good additions. If three wedges are your choice you may want to distribute the lofts from your PW to your LW (46, 52, 58 degrees). You may want wedges with less bounce so you can hit them off of tighter lies.

For a putter an intermediate may have already settled on what works for them, but if you are ready to try something new, one of the new MOI maxed mallets would be a good choice.

Recommended Golf Set For Intermediate Golfers

Recommended set configuration - Woods (1, 4, 5) Hybrids (3, 4) Irons (Game Improvement) 5-(PW, SW, LW), Putter

For intermediate players we recommend clubs from GigaGolf. GigaGolf produce excellent quality clones of clubs from some of the better known brand names, at a fraction of the price. All clubs are custom built using their eFit system, which helps players match the clubs to their swing speed and body measurements. For more information visit the GigaGolf Website.

Recommended GigaGolf set for intermediate Players (click the links for more information).

 TRX Ti Driver (10.5 Grader)  TRX Ti Driver (10.5 Grader)
 TRX Metal Wood (3, 5)  TRX Metal Wood (3, 5)
 TRX Hybrid (3, 5)  GX Squared Hybrid (3, 5)
 Power Max GX922 Iron Set (5 - SW) Power Max GX922 Iron Set (5 - SW)
 Center Cut Classic SP2 Putter

Center Cut Classic SP2 Putter

With all the clubs above there is offered a 30 day play guarantee where you can try the clubs for upto 30 days and then return them for a full refund if for any reason you are not satisfied.

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